I once read something along the lines of “if you want to keep a secret on the Internet, post it on Ello.”

I couldn’t agree more. I waited forever to get an invitation, and when I finally got one, almost never log in or posted anything.  In fact, up until today it looks like it’s been five months since I last logged in.  The newsletters feel like spam, and don’t make me want to log in at all.  I got to the point today where I logged in just for the sake of deleting my account.  The reason I joined in the first place, was so I would have an alternative to Facebook, but having been free of Facebook for four months now, I just don’t feel the need to be a part of a social network like that.  Whatever addiction I had has passed. Twitter and Instagram are my poisons of choice these days.  I do have a Tumblr which serves as nothing more than a backup should my WordPress site fail on me.

Now, onto whatever is next!

(I’ve gotta stop typing these posts on the iPad. Auto correct is my saviour/nemesis)