I just wrapped up my first vacation of 2015. Was more of a staycation really. This past week I’ve discovered:

  1. The Apple Watch is not for me. It looks pretty, but does nothing my iPhone can’t. 
  2. The new MacBook is very frustrating, and I’m glad I didn’t order one before trying it out. I’m sure in time I could train myself to use that keyboard, but I think I’m going to have to save a couple hundred dollars and get a 13″ MacBook Air instead. 
  3. More about rodents/vermin then I ever wanted to know. My skin crawls at the thought. 
  4. Home renovations and car repairs always seem to be required at the worst possible time. 
  5. It can still snow and drop below zero well into the May long weekend.
  6. If you’re horribly out of shape, maybe you shouldn’t go crawling under your deck without doing any stretches first. 

I think this post has become nothing more than a series of reminders for me to look at over the next year.