Cat Tales – An Idea for a New Comic Series

Normally I do comics like this for the paid tiers on Patreon and Substack, but I want to get some feedback on an idea, so I’m casting a pretty large net here and enabling comments on this post.

Originally, I conceived this idea as the anti-Garfield/Family Circus. I wanted to do a family friendly comic strip about a family, mostly from the point of view of the pet cat. I wrote the first ten in this series, and decided to draw and ink the first one a few months ago. Now that I have my work station set up, I scanned/coloured it and am now looking for some feed back on it.

Does this comic strip work for you?

Would you like to see more?

Should I draw/ink/colour the next nine?

Take a look at it and let me know what you think.

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