Published On: October 3, 2023

Inktober – Day 1 – Dream (and Day 2 – Spider)

I was a little late starting Inktober this year, so I cheated a little and did two prompts in one. 

I'm alternating between #Inktober and Cartoonist #Kayfabetober. I'm just looking at both lists every morning and choosing the prompt I like best. 


Watch the TikTok video above if you want to see a Timelapse recording of the inking process. I sketched everything out in non-photo blue pencil first, so that gives me a guideline to follow. 

When Inktober is over, I may do better scans and release the whole thing on Patreon as a patron exclusive PDF sketchbook. For now, you get low res photos from my iPhone!

Day 3 should be posted later tonight or sometime tomorrow. 

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